Illness and Injuries

At Precision Health, we offer comprehensive illness and injury management services to help you recover and regain your health. Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care and treatment for a wide range of illnesses and injuries, from minor ailments to chronic conditions. We use the latest medical technologies and techniques to diagnose and treat your condition, and work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Whether you need medication, physical therapy, or other forms of treatment, we are here to help you get back to feeling your best.

We treat most non-life-threatening health issues. Our clinic is staffed, trained, certified, and equipped to see you today for many minor illnesses, injuries, and immunizations.
Some of the illnesses and injuries we treat at our urgent care clinic include:

Eye infections and injuries

Earaches and sore throats

Ear wax removal

Coughs, colds, flu & pneumonia

Headaches and migraines

Abdominal pain

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

Sunburn, rashes and other skin disorders

Ingrown toenails and warts

Gynecologic exams and sexual health care

Urinary tract infections and kidney stones

Asthma, allergies and allergic reactions

Lacerations, wounds, and stitches

Foreign body, splinter, and fish hook removal

Bites and stings

Fractures, sprains, and dislocations

Sports-related injuries